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7星彩13开奖结果查询:Struggling with glutathione injections? Let's check this solid drink


S-acetyl Glutathione Whitening Solid Drink!!!

It looks like wine and tastes like plum syrup. when refrigerated in summer, the taste will be better.


S-acetyl Glutathione(SAG) is an innovation in the known Glutathione Reduced (GSH)supplement.

L-Glutathione Reduced

The acetyl group binds to the cysteine sulfhydryl group, which protects the SAG molecule from oxidation in the digestive tract and is more stable plasma than GSH. And there is no nasty sulfur smell.Compared with general GSH containing foods, SAG bioavailability is higher, which can be directly absorbed by cells and then converted into GSH. It can rapidly increase intracellular GSH levels without increasing energy expenditure.

Studies have shown that oral SAG and equivalent intravenous infusion of GSH, oxidative stress markers are equivalent.

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